Cleaning Tips

A clean and tidy house is like a breath of fresh air. Enjoy the benefits of being focused and organised in your cleaning. To maximise dust removal, always brush or vacuum your furniture before vacuuming the floor. As a quick, temporary measure, sprinkle salt on oven splatters. An open box of bicarbonate of soda will absorb fridge odours. For light soot, a quick flick with a duster should solve the problem. Use a degreaser and scrubbing brush for bad soot stains. Ice cubes will harden wax for easier removal. Please a wax stained tablecloth in the freezer to harden the wax.

Vacuum after dusting each room to maximise dust pick up. A regular light mop prevents serious dirt build up and tougher cleaning tabs. Keep antique furniture protected by applying a thin coating of paste wax with a soft cloth. Rub the wax off with a clean cloth. The only save way to clean in between delicate mouldings on frames is with a watercolour brash. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft flannel over its nozzle to suck up other bits of dust.

Cleaning a barbecue

  • A/ Use a stiff wire brush to remove most of the burn on food and grease.
  • B/ Sponge both sides of the grate as fat droplets often congeal underneath.
  • C/ Re-season and protect the cleaned grate by spraying it with vegetable oil.

Cleaning your blinds

  • An old pair of thick, absorbent old gloves are great for dusting between the slats of your blinds.
  • Vacuum the underside of rugs occasion all to prevent a build-up of dust and other allergens.
  • A liberal sprinkling of bicarbonate of soda followed by thorough vacuuming will rid your carpet of musty spills.
  • Dusting mitts are idea for gently dusting and cleaning the surface of smooth ceramics items.

Cleaning Chandeliers

  • To remove surface dirt, wipe each crystal gently with a chamois dampened with water.
  • Line the sink with a tea towel or rubber mat and use a soft cloth when washing delicate china.
  • Keeping your curtains free of dust is easy- and good for your health.
  • Dust curtains using a vacuum cleaner. Use an extension tube to reach the very top.
  • Start at the top and work down. To avoid sucking the fabric into the nozzle grasp the bottom of each curtain and hold the material taut.
  • To clean woodwork /except for painted surfaces/, put a tea bag in hot water and let it cool. Then dampen your cleaning rag or sponge with the cooled tea and run it over the woodwork.
  • You can clean up group nicely by scrubbing it with a toothbrush dipped in a solution of vinegar and water.
  • A soft brush is perfect for dusting as it can be gently worked in between the pleats on a fabric lampshade. It is
    also what you need to dust between the stats on louvers. Flick the bristles to clean off dust.
  • Heating a container of lemon juice and water on “High” is a very effective way to rid a microwave of odours.
  • A little glycerine will keep a bathroom mirror must-free after cleaning.
  • Plastic spatulas and ice scrapers make handy, non-scratch tools for getting gunk off the bottom of your oven.
  • Is your showerhead clogged with lime scale? If possible unscrew the shower head and soak it overnight in a bowl of white vinegar. In the morning remove the deposits with a brash with moderately stiff bristles.
  • If you can’t unscrew the shower head, don’t worry. Just pour the vinegar into a plastic bag, pull the bag up around the showerhead so that the showerhead is immersed in the vinegar and sure the bag to the showerhead’s base with rubber bands or twist ties.

Cleaning the grout

  • Liberally smear a paste of bicarbonate of soda and bleach onto the grout with a spatula.
  • After about an hour, scrub the tiles clean using an old, soft toothbrush. Rub a freshly cut lemon around porcelain to remove stains.

Trick for taps

  • The white mineral deposits that settle on tops succumb easily to white wine vinegar.
  • Soak a paper towel in the vinegar, squeeze out the excess and wrap the towel around the chrome fixture. After 10 minutes take it off and buff the tap with a soft dry cloth.
  • Remove dust and cobwebs from a skylight easily and effectively using a cobweb brush or a barely damp mop.

Clean Toaster

  • Use a clean dry toothbrush to remove crumbs from the toaster.