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Posh Clean's 12th birthday

sep 06, 2019

Posh Clean

We are happy to celebrate Posh Clean's 12th birthday! We have accumulated a of experience over the years, acquired qualities , and are happy to say that we are one of the reputable cleaning companies in London that has established clients, both small and large. It is a great pleasure for us to continue our business! We wish for many years happy and satisfied customers ... Read More

How to clean cheap and environmentally

mar 28, 2019

The shops are filled with loads of cleaning products that promise quick and easy cleaning, with which you wipe clean with an ease and the greasy pan squeaky cleaned. The so called “Wet wipes” washes your windows for a second and everything in your home sparkles, or so they say!!! But many young housewives are adamant that the use of chemicals are not always recom ... Read More

After builders cleaning

mar 28, 2019

Few things we need to be aware of when our property has been renovated or decorated concerning the final cleaning before we move in and settle into our new home. The builders and interior designers has completed their tasks, packed their gear and long gone. The time we have to spare for cleaning remains uncertain because of other important things we need to do prior t ... Read More

Arranging the perfect dinning table

mar 28, 2019

Here is a quick guide to the perfect dinning table when dining and winning at home!!! Surprising and wowing everyone coming to the party should be your main target of concern, therefore is important to know how to host the perfect party. For this purpose you need to begin with the shopping to allow yourself to prepare the most delicious gourmet meal your guests will ... Read More

3 DIY Green Laundry Detergent Recipes We Love

sep 19, 2018

Green cleaning recipes are great, because they are safe and often - frugal way to substitute dangerous commercial cleaners with their toxic formulae. Last week we shared 4 great eco-friendly recipes to clean your kitchen, and the week before - 4 recipes for carpet cleaning solutions. This week we've collected 3 recipes for homemade laundry detergent. They are easy t ... Read More

4 tested home-made solutions to clean your kitchen

sep 13, 2018

Posh Clean

2 weeks ago we've posted the ultimate autumn cleaning checklist. If you've read the article, you know that kitchen cleaning is a must-do task, before the winter comes. We've collected 4 easy and green DIY recipes to help you clean your kitchen from top to bottom. Learn how to deal with grease stains on oven and cooktop, how to clean the kitchen sink and the fridge. ... Read More

Clean Candle Wax from Carpets and Upholstery in 5 Easy Steps

sep 28, 2017

Posh Clean

Candles are beautiful, relaxing and romantic accessory for every home interior. They are calming and give soft light and warmth to our autumn evenings at home. Unfortunately, if you spill candle wax on your carpet or upholstery the result is sticky mess, which seems impossible to clean. Luckily, candle wax stains are pretty easy to remove if you know how to cle ... Read More

Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist for Beautiful Home

aug 29, 2017

Posh Clean

The weather is getting cooler and the days - shorter. School year is about to begin in days. Before you know it, the winter will be here, and it feels good to welcome it in clean and cosy home. It is important to prepare for the cold season the same way you prepare your home for the summer. We want to share with you our ultimate autumn cleaning checklist to make ... Read More

How to Clean Your Toaster Fast and Easy

oct 05, 2016

Posh Clean

The toaster is one of these appliances that we often neglect cleaning. Although we use it every morning for a quick breakfast, we don't pay much attention to it, until it's clogged with bread crumbs and covered with dirt. So if you are following our autumn cleaning guide and you are about to clean your kitchen, spare some time to make your toaster shine. ... Read More

4 Easy Recipes for Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solutions

sep 06, 2016

Posh Clean

Last time we shared with you our complete autumn cleaning guide to help you prepare your home for the winter. One of the most important things to include to your routine is cleaning your carpet. We have already posted some green tips on removing glue from your textile flooring. Today we want to share with you 4 easy recipes for eco-friendly homemade cleaning soluti ... Read More

How to Clean the Upholstery in 4 Steps

aug 22, 2015

Posh Clean

Sofas and armchairs are as vulnerable to dirt, dust and stains as are carpets and rugs. Also, even if the upholstery doesn't seem dirty there can be grime embedded deeply into the fibers. Regular cleaning is must if you want to maintain your home clean and healthy, but this doesn't mean it have to be difficult or exhausting task. Choosing the Right Products If your ... Read More

How to Organise a Summer Party (and Clean Less Afterwards)

aug 17, 2015

Posh Clean

One of the best summer home experiences is to throw a party in your garden. Cold drinks, tasty food, your favourite music and your best friends brought together in the coolness of the backyard. Sounds like a dream, right? And before you organise the gathering it seems that it would be easy to clean after the party, because it's outdoors. What many people fail to ima ... Read More

How to Deal with Mud Stains on Clothes and Carpets

aug 08, 2015

Posh Clean

Almost every parent can relate with that old anecdote. After a long day out a father comes home with three little children covered in mud. His wife looked over her book and exclaimed: "But darling, we only have two children!. The man answered: "Indeed, but we have to wash them all to discover, which ones are ours." This sure makes a good laugh, until the younger me ... Read More

Clean Your Barbecue Grill in 7 Easy Steps

aug 01, 2015

Posh Clean

Part of the beauty of grilling your dinner is that there are almost no pots and pans to wash after you you've finished cooking, right? But while you don't need to scrub the grill every time you use it you should deep-clean it every now and then to remove old grease and food residues. BBQ cleaning is one of the 12 things to do, when preparing your home and garden for ... Read More

Garage Cleanup and Organising Tips

jul 23, 2015

Posh Clean

Our garages often tend to turn into dumps for anything you can imagine. These big spaces tempt us to stuff them with big suitcases that doesn't fit under the bed, the old rollerblades of the children (although they don't fit them from years), the set of tools we need to turn back to a friend - just about anything that doesn't have its own place - the list is endless ... Read More

jul 23, 2015

Posh Clean

... Read More

6 Office Cleaning Tips for Small Companies

jul 17, 2015

Posh Clean

A clean, welcoming office is of essence of running a successful business. It boosts productivity of the team, because it is organised. It helps the team focus on important tasks and inspires creativity - no one is distracted or repulsed by crumbs in the keyboard, or the thick layer of dust on the shelves. Cleanliness is essential for the health and well being of the ... Read More

Window Cleaning Tips from the Pros

jul 11, 2015

Posh Clean

One of the things that can really transform the look of your home is perfectly cleaned windows. Nothing makes the place look so nice, light and spacious with so little effort. Many people hate window cleaning just because they do it the hard way. This is why we've asked our window cleaning specialists to share their techniques and little secrets and help you achieve ... Read More

3 Fail-Safe Methods to Clean Curtains

jul 02, 2015

Posh Clean

With time all types of curtains absorb dust and bad odours. We've asked our cleaning specialist to share some their tricks for impeccably clean curtains. Their main advice was: include vacuuming your drapes to your weekly home cleaning chores. Use soft brush nozzle to remove hair, dirt and dust from the curtain. This chore takes less than 15 minutes, but it has grea ... Read More

Don't Lose Your Deposit: End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

jun 25, 2015

Posh Clean

Nobody wants to loose their deposit, when moving out of their rental home. We often rely on the money to cover some of the costs that occur when changing your home. This is why you need to know your rights and responsibilities as renter. And one of the main conditions to get your deposit back when moving out is to clean the place impeccably. Here is a list of 12 thi ... Read More

How to Prepare Your Home for Domestic Cleaning Service

jun 18, 2015

Posh Clean

Many people struggle with the idea of hiring home cleaning company. But if you are reading this you've probably have weighted the pros and cons and decided to get your home professionally cleaned. Once you find the company on your taste there are a few things to do in order to prepare your home for their visit. Make an Appointment and Discuss the Conditions Making ... Read More

12 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Home for the Summer

jun 11, 2015

Posh Clean

Summer means vacations, lazy days by the sea, hiking and long walks on the shadowy lanes of the park. Cleaning your home is probably the last thing you think about. But even if you go on vacation abroad, you will still be spending a big part of your summer at home and you have to agree there is nothing better than cold cocktail on the patio, or a Sunday barbecue in ... Read More

Get Rid from Glue Stains on Carpet Forever

jun 04, 2015

Posh Clean

Glue. Sticky. Messy. Hard to remove. I bet there aren't many people on this planet that haven't spent a couple of days with fingers stuck together, or thrown away some pretty good pair of jeans, because they were irreparably damaged by glue stains. The situation gets even worse when it comes to cleaning a glue stain from your carpet. No one knows why, but kids are ... Read More

5 Steps to Clean the Living Room in Less than 1 Hour

may 28, 2015

Posh Clean

We all have been in that situation - friends call unexpectedly and say they are coming in 1 hour. Your parents telling you they are on their way to your home. Or you just need to clean up a little for your own comfort but you cannot spend the day deep cleaning the place. No matter what the reason, all you want is your living room cleaned - as fast as possible! Check ... Read More

6 Myths Stopping You from Hiring a Cleaning Company

may 21, 2015

Posh Clean

Through our long practise in the industry we have seen and heard it all. We even had some very interesting cases - clients, with really busy schedules, struggling to keep their homes clean by themselves. Why? Sometimes after the job is done, people come to our teams, and admit, they have been avoiding hiring home cleaning and maintenance companies for years (althou ... Read More

Spring clean your house

nov 09, 2014

Posh Clean

How many of us are truly looking forward to spending our precious Sunday afternoon scrubbing, sorting and sneezing through the layers of dust that have been build up through the house. That is why we at Posh Clean cleaning company in London, believe can help you make such spring cleaning seem like fun. We will guide you through your essential kit, help you organise ... Read More

Proper care for leather

oct 24, 2014

Posh Clean

Proper care for leather. Leather is a natural and very robust material. Back in the old days our grandmothers used it for all sorts of purposes both home and at the farm, while today it is used for making shoes, clothes and furniture. However a number of recipes from the good old days are still used helping us maintain softness and elasticity of our leather products. ... Read More

Few secrets of home comfort

oct 24, 2014

Posh Clean

Everyone want their home to be as comfortable, not only for us but for our guests and visitors. So what is it going to take and what you need to achieve the ultimate comfort? Less clutter- more vitality It is not correct to assume that the cluttered our home is the comfortable the people in it feel. On the contrary the pompous furniture often takes the pleasure o ... Read More

Clean and germs free home

oct 24, 2014

Posh Clean

With approximately 60,000 micro organisms we are in contact every single day. However only 1-2% of them are potentially hazardous to our health are saying the experts from the European Institute of Health Consumer Powerhouse. This small percentage is not harmless so it's not only important to clean your home regularly but to deal with the areas where the concentratio ... Read More

Dust mites can be a bore...

oct 24, 2014

Posh Clean

Dust mites are harmful to our health and the only way to rid of them is to maintain high level of hygiene; therefore here are some tips on how to deal with them. Please note that these measures does not destroy the acre, dust mites etc, but is limiting their excessive spreading and in many cases completely destroying them.Regularly ventilate your home. Avoid carpets ... Read More

For shiny dishes

oct 24, 2014

Posh Clean

It's wrong to wipe the washed dishes with a towel as the cloth can leave white traces of material. Dry your dishes in a designated dryer and when dry place them in accordance to their designated area in your cupboards. Enamel saucepans/ dishes- should be washed carefully because they can scratch easily reducing their quality and leads to the emission of harmful su ... Read More

Council may force locals to put out their bins at 5AM

oct 24, 2014

Posh Clean

In a bit to keep their street tidy Merton Council has submitted a proposal it may mean residents could put out their bins between 5am and 6am or 5pm and 6pm. For those coming home after 6pm would have to put bins out before 6am. Failure to comply with the restrictions imposed by Merton Council, in south London could lead to fixed penalty notice. The council cla ... Read More

Bathroom cleaning tips

oct 24, 2014

Posh Clean

Before you have decided is about time to clean your bathroom look into your cupboard under the sink, where you keep all your cleaning products. Ensure you have bathroom cleaning product containing bleaching and lime scale removing agents. If your tiles are white, run your fingers over it and if there is lime scale build up you will feel it. Spray very hot water ont ... Read More

Chew can't believe this

oct 24, 2014

Milton Keynes is customary to become the first town of Britain to ban chewing gum. If anyone is caught on the street chewing would face an on-the-spot fine. The Singapore-style ban on chewing gum was drawn up as a proposal based after 22 pieces of discarded gum were found in one square of payment. Of course the nuisance caused by it sticking to people's shoes and t ... Read More

Restore the order in your home

oct 24, 2014

Posh Clean

With a little organisation and appropriate methods you can organise your kitchen, bedroom, living room, wardrobes and cupboards to create more space and simplify your life.Kitchen The kitchen should contain only the most necessary items and should be really cleaned every day. Throw things that you never use. De-clutter around the sink, household products, rubbish bi ... Read More

Keep Britain tidy

oct 24, 2014

Posh Clean

Coca-Cola, Cadbury and Walkers crisps have named for generating more litter than any other brands. More than 37,000 pieces of rubbish were collected across the country. The bottles wrappers and packets were then sorted by 500 volunteers. The charity chief executive, Phil Barton, said: "It also gives37,000 reasons why we all need to do more to make littering socially ... Read More

How to maintain a perfect appearance of our suede sofa

oct 24, 2014

Posh Clean

After prolonged use the suede leather of your sofa loses color and luster. Over time the natural softness disappears and the sofa's previous comfort disappears. What should we do in order to maintain better levels of comfort as well as protecting and cleaning the suede type leather. Brush regularly and lightly with a clean soft bristle your suede sofa or soft furnis ... Read More

Deep Carpet cleaning service

oct 24, 2014

Posh Clean

Today more and more companies have chosen to use the most familiar of all surfaces in their work space- carpet. The carpet is one of the most luxurious and comfortable flooring for office in addition to the UK market offering a wide range of color and types of fabric. This type of soft flooring has one drawback, however, requires frequent maintenance. Depending on us ... Read More

Easy to follow tips for speedy cleaning after guests

oct 24, 2014

Posh Clean

Cleaning after your guests shouldn't always be an arduous task and with the right advice you can easily get on track and complete the after party cleaning yourself. Unless of course you require an expert help and in that case at Posh Clean you can find everything you are looking for in terms of professional cleaning. Here are few tips of how quickly to handle some ar ... Read More

Credit/ debit cards are just dirty as the money

oct 24, 2014

Posh Clean

Credit or debit card have become a universal way of payment because they are quite comfortable to use. However like the notes they are full of germs and bacteria. A recent study found that one in 10 cards is dirty and infected with faeces. ATM's in which we place our cards are also infected with a bacteria that cause diarrhea and many other infections. The experts re ... Read More

Men are sleeping while women are sweeping

oct 24, 2014

Posh Clean

It turns out that as recently coexistence of modern cohabitation has a very practical side, men who do not wear the title of "husband" are very responsive when a daily cleaning help is needed or simply when it comes down with the daily living arrangements. While married men are reluctant to help in their household. The old understanding that women do more work than ... Read More

The 25ft- high tidal wave of rubbish

oct 24, 2014

The 25ft- high tidal wave of rubbish that highlights why plastic shopping bags and Styrofoam food containers are banned in Manila the Philippines capital. The move comes as part of escalating efforts across the nations' capital curb rubbish blamed for deadly flooding. It has been reported that "During Manila bi-monthly waste-water clean-ups, founds most garbage is pla ... Read More

Top 5 Reasons to hire us

oct 24, 2014

1. We are affordable cleaning company promising to match or beat every quote you have received from our competitors.2. We have the required experience- expertise- and equipment to execute to perfection every cleaning service you have seen advertised on our website, should you choose to book us. 3. Our cleaning service is carried by uniformed and professional cleani ... Read More

Commercial cleaning London- designed to transform your work space into an oasis

oct 24, 2014

When it comes down to hiring a cleaning help, there are two main cleaning services to choose from: Residential cleaning service and Commercial cleaning London. Both services are specifically tailored to cater: one the residential needs of clients throughout London in need of a professional domestic cleaning service ensuring their home is cleaned and sanitized to per ... Read More

Cleaning Companies London- cost and time effective

oct 23, 2014

Having into consideration your extremely busy work load you are in for a pleasant answer to your troubles IE Cleaning Companies London. It shouldn't come as a surprise or exaggeration to mention that in our world of busy individuals we don't have time for simple things done on a regular basis is a common occurrence. Finding yourself in this situation, having set up a ... Read More

We shouldn't neglect our home and hire domestic cleaner

oct 23, 2014

The word cleaning is most often connected with unpleasant feeling of despair when you have badly neglected the actual cleaning in your household. But the once tedious housework can become a pleasant experience if you hire professionals and let them help with the cleaning part of your living. Domestic cleaning companies London is the answer to your prayers, once you h ... Read More

Encouraging children to clean after themselves

oct 17, 2014

Posh Clean

In present days where everything in our life is about timing our busy schedules simply can't afford the luxury to tidy after our toddlers every time they take out their toys to play. Therefore is our responsibility to teach them at early age to pick up after themselves, should we would like to come to a tidy and neat home or children's bedroom. Everything our child ... Read More

Office kitchens crawling with germs

oct 15, 2014

Posh Clean

If you thought the restrooms are crawling with germs, well think twice. A new study has shown a high level of contamination in the office lunch rooms. The figures are quite scary, so for your own peace of mind guarantee here are some examples:75% of bacteria are found of break room sink tap handles 48% of bacteria are found of microwave door handles 27% of bacteria a ... Read More

Where are the germs mostly found

oct 09, 2014

Posh Clean

Germs are everywhere, whether we like it not! You will find this extremely surprising but in nature there are only few absolutely clean environments. 90% of the human body consists of microorganism, but fortunately only 1-2% of 60,000 microbes with which we are confronted every day are potentially dangerous to humans. There are specific places where the concentrati ... Read More

Five easy ways of clear air preservation at home

apr 24, 2014

Posh Clean

Take control of humidity According to the recommendations of the experts the humidity at home should be 40-60% and the temperature at around 18-22C. In warmer rooms skin and mucous membrane dry our quickly and we become vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Higher humidity predisposes the growth of molds that can cause allergic reactions. Lower humidity with 5% leads ... Read More

Why the fridge smells

jun 29, 2013

Posh Clean

The reason being is the un-coated foods we constantly leave inside our fridge causing the mold and the unpleasant smell. Unfortunately brand new fridge also smells; therefore after buying it, it must be immediately cleaned inside with a weak solution of water and cleaning detergent. Alcohol can also be used, then leave the doors open for few hours. The refrigerator s ... Read More

Few Things You Need to Know When Booking After Builders Cleaning

may 31, 2013

Few things we need to be aware of when our property has been renovated or decorated concerning the final cleaning before we move in and settle into our new home. The builders and interior designers has completed their tasks, packed their gear and long gone. The time we have to spare for cleaning remains uncertain because of other important things we need to do prior t ... Read More

Dust mites and is it possible to beat them?

may 01, 2013

Posh Clean

Surely it is hard to imagine that your bed is a comfortable home of bugs that can live and enjoy a carefree life. But as secretly as it sounds they are more than enough to make your life hell. These “bugs” are the so called dust mites or ticks; microscopic creatures are very adjacent and can co-exist along with humans quietly surviving from eating our microscopic ... Read More

It is time for spring cleaning

apr 05, 2013

What to do now and what to defer for the warmer months. Traditionally the Easter clean up is stressful and once completed you feel drained and fatigued. We will guide you through and show you how to save yourself the chaos and rush efforts. The first step is to divide the work into 2 parts: Tasks that must be done now, and those that could easily put off for another ... Read More

Dirties places in our home uncovered

mar 26, 2013

Posh Clean

This article is continuation of "Dirtiest places in your home revealed" article Computer keyboard Your surprise may come from the fact that only you is using the your computer keyboard, but after all the nasty things your hands have been into contact with during the day- you could be transferring all kinds of viruses, bacteria and germs. Get into a routine and alway ... Read More

Dirtiest places in your home revealed

mar 06, 2013

The sink You’re constantly washing your dishes in it, so it must be squeaky and perfectly clean. While most of us target the toilet bowl with disinfectant, fewer people make the same effort with the kitchen sink bowl. But food debris resulting from leaving our dirty dishes to soak, rinsing our vegetables, meat etc. can serve as a breeding ground for nasty bacteria s ... Read More

Christmas tree- the green beauty we all love

dec 11, 2012

Posh Clean

What decorates the New Year and make it an unforgettable holiday that is anticipated for twelve months? The answer is obvious: a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. What New Year could pass without an average tree symbolizing the birth of anything new, bright and joyful? But to turn the tree as one of the main characters of the festive season must follows certain r ... Read More

Cleaning tips for your home

nov 20, 2012

Vinegar, baking soda and olive oil for cleaning your home. To clean your home after the autumn cleaning is not necessary to use expensive products, which in most cases are toxic and can cause allergies. You can prepare effective home remedies for sanitation made of natural ingredients often used in every household. As baking soda is a natural abrasive dealing with a ... Read More

Prepare your home for winter

sep 30, 2012

Winter is already knocking at the door and if you have not prepared your home for the cold, it will easily invade your home. And of course, destroy the comfort of your family. Therefore before the occurrence of the freezing temperatures, it is better to prepare your house or apartment. We are offering you selected tips from professionals on how to handle this arduous ... Read More

Bring order in your wardrobe

aug 21, 2012

Even the smallest home can seem spacious if arranged properly. And instead of moving things, you do not need at the moment; find them a suitable and permanent location. The easiest option is to get a large wardrobe to store everything in. Arranging clothes In here include your daily (seasonal) clothes, like dresses, trousers, shirts, blouses, underwear etc. Clothes th ... Read More

How to clean cheap and environmentally

aug 17, 2012

The shops are filled with loads of cleaning products that promise quick and easy cleaning, with which you wipe clean with an ease and the greasy pan squeaky cleaned. The so called “Wet wipes” washes your windows for a second and everything in your home sparkles, or so they say!!! But many young housewives are adamant that the use of chemicals are not always recom ... Read More

Healthy Home

jun 30, 2012

Mites, Mould and toxic agents could be found in our homes, even though we spend hours worth of cleaning. Here are seven ways to clean, refresh and maintain the level of cleanliness in your homes. Wash the curtains! They “suck” smoke, dust and heavy particles. Filthy with mites that are constantly spreading if not removed and like the pillows, quilts the curtains s ... Read More

Synthetic carpet fibres

may 28, 2012

The carpet is one of our most expensive assets as well as being without any doubt an essential part of the interior in our homes. It creates exceptionally homely atmosphere of every room and the variety of colours, quality and design is pleasant in the eye of the connoisseurs of the classic English flooring as well as the people with innovative ideas of how better loo ... Read More

Deep bathroom and kitchen pre/end of tenancy cleaning

may 01, 2012

If you are a landlord looking to rent your property out one thing is curtained, you need the help of a professional cleaning company to clean your property ready for the new tenants. The strict rules of professionalism will apply and our friendly expertise will ensure your property is professionally cleaned. The first and foremost question is, “Would the professiona ... Read More

Arranging the perfect dinning table

apr 20, 2012

Here is a quick guide to the perfect dining table when dining and winning at home!!! Surprising and wowing everyone coming to the party should be your main target of concern, therefore is important to know how to host the perfect party. For this purpose you need to begin with the shopping to allow yourself to prepare the most delicious gourmet meal your guests will e ... Read More

Women secretly love cleaning

mar 30, 2012

One woman in three secretly loves house cleaning a study revealed recently. Researchers also found that, for many women, giving the house once-over was a “relaxing”, “satisfying” or “therapeutic” experience. However no matter how hard is to believe that we actually enjoy what once seemed an arduous task, we hardly think of revealing our secret passion- the ... Read More

Equinox (astronomical spring)

mar 20, 2012

Dear Readers, the spring is finally upon us. Many of us are inclined to perceive this time of the year as the ideal opportunity to spring clean their home. Some will approach a cleaning company and use the help of experienced cleaning operatives; others will do the cleaning themselves. For those doing their own spring cleaning I would like to share some tips and ways ... Read More

A clean and tidy home is like a breath of fresh air

mar 06, 2012

Isn't it a wonderful feeling to come home and immediately be welcomed by the clean and fresh smell of newly polished furniture and floors? The aroma takes you to the kitchen where you can brew your evening tee, put your feed up and let the relaxation time begin. Everyone is in desperate need of Me time after a hard day of work. The last thing on your mind at the end o ... Read More

Cleaning for our busy living

feb 27, 2012

Domestic cleaning in Highbury & Islington N5 is saving you time and money. I would like to throw your attention to the point when you pick up the dusting cloth and you are all set and ready to do the weekly cleaning in your home. Today out of all days you are working from home and your CEO is not breathing down your neck for every coffee break you take or when you de ... Read More

Suppliers to " The Home Show " on C4

feb 16, 2012

Dear Client, I would like to start this article with the exciting news that Posh Clean UK was a chosen cleaning suppliers to “The Home Show” currently screening its second series on Channel 4. We didn’t have the opportunity to meet with the architect George Clarke (oh, how we wanted…?) but instead we had the opportunity to work with the lovely team of designer ... Read More

How minus equals plus?

feb 07, 2012

Dear Customer, At Posh Clean we ensure you find every cleaning service in London you are searching for. Therefore,we are providing you with another reason to bring your attention towards our brand new advertising campaign called “How minus could be a great plus”. This is not just a slogan or a catch phrase, it is a concept we have created and strongly believe in. ... Read More

Valentine's Day special cleaning surpise

jan 26, 2012

Posh Clean

Saint Valentine’s Day, also known and celebrated around the world as Valentine’s Day is held on 14th of February. On this day we celebrate love, our passion to one another and the affection between two people in love. Traditionally on this day lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, sweets and greeting cards. At Posh Clean UK you can celeb ... Read More

Useful tips

jan 15, 2012

How to stop your rug from sliding Probably one of the most annoying things you ever come across in your house is the inability to stop your rug from sliding. For once is a dangerous hazard and for two is moving under your feet causing you discomfort. But somehow nothing can make you change it- you love it and that is the end of it! Therefore for those who find themsel ... Read More

Cleaning Services London

jan 11, 2012

At Posh Clean UK we offer the following cleaning services: Domestic Cleaning Service Carpet Cleaning Service Upholstery Cleaning Service End of Tenancy Cleaning Service Builders Cleaning Service Office Cleaning Service Window Cleaning Service Before/ After Party Cleaning Service Spring Cleaning / One- Off Cleaning Service Should you choose to book any of our cleani ... Read More

Before/ After party cleaning

dec 22, 2011

Posh Clean

The party was great and your guests had a wonderful time, and when is over the daunting times begin - the after party cleaning. But it doesn’t have to be all negative, that is why at Posh Cleanwe have designed our professional after party cleaning service to deal with the messy aftermath. Our after party cleaning service is professional, reliable and punctual ... Read More

Quick guide to a dust free home

dec 13, 2011

Dear Readers, in this busy time of up coming Christmas we all struggle juggling with the list of tasks we carefully prepared at the end of our day -before we go to bed, just in case we forget to do something important the next day. Here is the list: -          Food shopping -          Carwash -          Make a hairdressing appointment -   ... Read More

Know- How!!!!

nov 15, 2011

Posh Clean

We all have found ourselves in a situation where food was left inside the fridge out of our reach and forgotten. The unpleasant smell that was coming out every time you open the door was that strong that you felt nothing worse. Red meat and fish in particular are the most dangerous food when left to rot. It leaves a trace of odour so hard and difficult to remove that ... Read More

How to defrost and clean the fridge/ freezer?

nov 02, 2011

Assuming your fridge/freezer is in need of TLC, follow the guide bellow and give it a new life. Forgetting the importance of removing the ice that covers our fridge/ freezers periodically we often get to see a paddle of water running down our kitchen floor. For the purpose of defrosting our fridge, please do not opt for sharp objects (keep them from slicing food on t ... Read More

Spring Cleaning Service/ One-Off Cleaning

oct 18, 2011

Posh Clean UK strives to offer more and various cleaning services. You desire your home to be freshly clean and tidy, but sometimes our busy schedules can prevent us perform simple cleaning tasks which appear manageable and less labor intensive. That is why we have included the spring cleaning/ one-off cleaning service in our wide range of services. Having doubts and ... Read More

Office Cleaning Service

oct 18, 2011

Posh Clean UK is introducing its new and improved office cleaning services to commercial properties in Greater London area. If you are in need of an express cleaning service you may wish to consider contacting us. We offer complete package of office cleaning service that you can have on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. From the regular daily office cleaning to ... Read More

After Builders Cleaning

oct 18, 2011

When home renovation time comes, we must consider the dust and dirt that accumulates at the end. We would like to transform this negative side of the renovation by offering you the perfect solution, introducing our carefully tailored after builders cleaning service. Choose Posh Clean UK If your aim is a home looking perfect that shines with cleanliness. Trust our prof ... Read More

Upholstery Cleaning Service

oct 18, 2011

Our upholstery cleaning is part of the wide range of services we offer at guaranteed competitive prices. You will receive quality and professional cleaning service, most of all it is easily affordable. Our guarantees: - We use the latest methods and techniques in the upholstery cleaning, which has repeatedly delivered the best results. - We shift the furniture if nece ... Read More

Carpet Cleaning Service by our cleaning experts

oct 18, 2011

When opting for our professional carpet cleaning service, you choose to brighten and improve the level of cleanliness in your home, especially when it comes down to maintaining the condition of your carpet. Regular carpet cleaning will save you both time and money. With little effort when choosing to clean one of the most expensive assets in your home regularly, we pr ... Read More

Domestic Cleaning Service

oct 18, 2011

Posh Clean UK is formed to demonstrate a difference and stand out from our competitors by offering wide range of cleaning services. We would like to meet the individual needs of our clients; therefore we are flexible, reliable and highly professional cleaning company. Our cleaning operatives ware distinguished uniform; they are professionally trained and motivated. We ... Read More

About Posh Clean UK

oct 18, 2011

Posh Clean UK is designed to provide efficient cleaning services to the domestic and commercial sector in London.  We have a team of highly motivated cleaning operatives. Qualities such as integrity, professional attitude, security and reliability are what we strive for. Since our focus is customer satisfaction, we believe the key to success is providing high quality ... Read More

Put a sparkle into your home...

oct 18, 2011

Greetings readers, the autumn has finally arrived and is about time to use our free time wisely. I truly hope my tips will help you to squeeze some cleaning into your daily routine. So roll up your sleeves and give your home an autumn scrub. OK, now will be a perfect time to open the doors and windows and give your home some fresh air and a darn good clean. Here I wo ... Read More

Go Green- Office solutions

oct 13, 2011

Dear Readers, I am writing to share some of my thoughts with you concerning the global issues we are all facing every day. IE the global warming together with all the recycling issues unfortunately we all know very little about. I see people not separating plastic from paper, glass from plastic bags etc. I crunch every time I raise this important subject and realise t ... Read More

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